Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Huairou district is located in the southwest. Built in Northern Qi, Sui, Tang after repeatedly repair. Ming Jiajing of the original the Great Wall widened, and the addition of the enemy. From south to West Meiyukou Ye mouth long, to the West Water Meiyukou check, a total length of 12.94 km, a hollow, solid barbicans 40 barbicans 9, wall 5 seat. The eastern end of the Great Wall city walls built with peak, on both sides of the crenel wall built 18 zigzag, each about 2 metres high, the locals here is eighteen. Huairou city in the Northwest has building Chengguan, namely the Huanghuacheng (Huanghua town called), "the North". The Great Wall east to Shanhaiguan, West neighbour Yong Guan, north of Hai Ye, the geographical position is very important, so the construction of very fine.

Here three quarters of a flower, the four seasons scenery, picturesque scenery, birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers. She is surrounded by mountains, lush green trees, formed a landscape plants throughout the year in colorful. Nine landscape a sub fields, Aoyama clear water two love. This can not only enjoy the beautiful a landscape of lakes and mountains, hope Junxiu considerable the Great Wall, there are green trees safflower accompanied by side. People are far away from the city noise, return to nature's wonderful feeling. Here the "three King" is more attractive, as the acme of perfection.

Detailed itinerary
1:pick you up from your hotel at 8am
2:drive about 2 hours 30 minutes to the Wall
3:hike on the Wall about 4 hours,distance is about 12 km
4:have picnic lunch on the wall
5:drive about 2 hours 30 minutes back to your hotel,will get to your hotel around 7pm
Price Table
1pax:1680 RMB
2pax:980 RMB
3pax:880 RMB
4pax:780 RMB
5pax:680 RMB
6pax:600 RMB
7pax:550 RMB
8pax:500 RMB
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1:proper shoes,good boots is recommended.
2:raincoat is recommended to bring.
3:backup memory card and battery is recommended to bring because countryside is difficult to get these things.
4:certain amount of cash is recommended to take because there is no ATM or bank in the village we will stay.